makes your sports floor as good as new... Or better

Sports Floor Renovation

A second life for your existing sports floor

A Herculan sports floor will last for many years without any issues, retaining its original sports-related properties. Due to intensive use even a Herculan sports floor will eventually lose a certain part of its original sports-related properties.

Wear, damage and a slippery surface

What's the condition of your sports floor?

Scratches, cracks, damage, a slippery surface and wear of the coating and lines are indicators that the top layer of your sports floor is worn. If the floor is too slippery, players and athletes may lose control of their actions, which could lead to falls and injuries. Deeper cracks and damage could lead to moisture accumulation underneath the floor, which in turn could cause serious issues such as delamination and swelling of the floor.

The assurance of better quality

Guaranteed results

Your sports floor will be made as good as new and the original sports-related properties will be restored. It is even possible to upgrade these properties, depending on what kind of sports floor renovation you choose.