The benefits of sports floor renovation

Fast and inexpensive

The ideal solution with minimum nuisance

Renovating your sports floor means that we partly continue to use the properties of your current sports floor. Your top floor will be replaced, but the base remains intact.

Opting for sports floor renovation offers the following benefits:

  • No demolition work. You will save directly on costs. This minimises possible nuisance for adjacent areas or rooms.
  • The fact that no demolition work is required means that we can start with the renovation right away. Due to this time-saving effect, nuisance is minimised and your sports floor will be back in use sooner.
  • You will only be investing in the new part of the sports floor, but you will have 100% efficiency in terms of the sports-related properties
  • You will be able to upgrade your floor for a relatively small investment because we can already use the properties of your current sports floor.
  • We make your sports floor more sustainable, which is good for the environment.

There are other reasons as well to opt for a renovation. Examples of these are:

  • modification of the line pattern
  • modification of the sports floor’s color for design reasons
  • upgrading of the technical properties. This upgrading could be necessary if the floor is to be used for higher level sports.