When will your floor need renovating?

What's the condition of your sports floor?

Wear, damage and a slippery surface

Simply put, your floor will need renovating if the safety of players and athletes and their sporting performance can no longer be guaranteed. The key causes of this are scratches, cracks, damage, a slippery surface and wear of the coating and the lines.

A Herculan specialist will be more than happy to visit you on site to assess your floor and discuss the renovation options with you. Your floor will need renovating if any of the following issues can be established:

  • A floor that is too slippery and no longer meets the requirements set, even after in-depth cleaning. This causes players and athletes to lose control of their actions, which could lead to falls and injuries.
  • Relevant mechanical damage, where local repairs are no longer possible or would cost almost as much as complete renovation. Damage may occur due to incorrect use of heavy sports equipment, wrongful use of the sports floor, excessive point loads, but also by following a wrong cleaning protocol for a prolonged period of time. Especially when cleaning the floor, moisture gets the opportunity to penetrate the floor, which could lead to serious issues such as delamination and swelling of the floor, resulting in complex repair work. In extreme cases, renovation will no longer be possible and the entire sports floor will have to be replaced.
  • Wear of the coating and/or lines. This leads to more dirt accumulation, as well as less careful handling of the floor, which in turn increases the risk of serious mechanical damage. It is also possible that, as a result of wear, the sports floor will no longer meet the requirements for official matches and sporting events. By renovating the sports floor in time, the possibility of having to replace the entire floor can be prevented.
  • An excessively shiny surface that causes too much light reflection. This can be very annoying for players and athletes.