Sports Floor Renovation

Give your sports floor a new look!

From old to new within 1 week without any demolition or rebuilding work! Your current sports floor will remain in place and will be given a new look.

What does Re-Topping mean?
With this type of renovation, a new, flexible, elastic, self leveling layer is applied to the sports floor, on top of which a highly wear resistant sports coating is then applied and the required set of game lines.

How is a Re-Topping performed?
We determine the adhesion of the actual sports floor with the substrate in advance. The floor will be degreased and sanded. Any hairline cracks and mechanical damage will expertly be repaired and concealed. After an adhesion layer the self leveling layer and the sports coating are applied. This is followed by the set of required game lines. You can personally determine the color of the sports coating and the lines can also be adjusted to suit your wishes.